Puppy Questionnaire
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If there is to be more than one owner, one has to be the "Primary Owner" and one the "Co-Owner" for AKC registration.

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We kindly ask that you reply to the following questions. These questions are not meant to be judgmental in any way. The more information we have, the better insight we will have into your lifestyle and expectations. Completion of this questionnaire is in no way a guarantee that a puppy will be available for you. Puppies' personalities are matched to each family's lifestyle, along with what the family has communicated they are looking for in a puppy, with temperament testing being the final determining factor.

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What arrangements would you make for someone to come in to feed and potty the puppy/adult, as young puppies need to potty frequently?*
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You must provide a letter of permission from your landlord before we can take your deposit.

Do you have a fenced yard?*
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Puppies need free play in a safe, enclosed area to expend energy. If you do not have a fence, how will you exercise your puppy? *
Will your puppy/adult be outside, unsupervised?*
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Have your pets ever shown any type of agression toward other animals or people?*
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Why have you chosen to add a Golden Retriever to your family?*
Have you ever raised a puppy?*
What breed?*
Are you planning on taking your puppy to training classes?*

Important: Puppies will jump on you, knock down young children, will bite during teething, and can grab clothing, causing strangulation of a child, therefore, should never be left loose with young children. All interaction with children throughout the puppy's life should be closely supervised. Puppies must be taught acceptable behavior through proper training which is accomplished with love, not force. This can be achieved through puppy and advanced classes or individual instruction.

Does everyone in your household want a puppy?*
Does everyone in your household understand puppy behavior?*
Do you agree to contact Nova Mist Goldens for assistance in placing your Golden, if at any time, you are unable to keep your puppy/adult?*
Have you ever returned a puppy/adult to a breeder?*
Please explain:*
Do you have a reservation deposit with another breeder at this time?*
Name of breeder:*
Do you understand that Goldens thrive on human attention and cannot be isolated, which will require a huge time commitment from you?*
Are you willing to share your home with a Golden Retriever, and not make him/her a dog who lives outside the majority of the time?*
Where will the puppy/adult sleep at night?*
Do you plan on using a crate to help house train your puppy?*
How do you plan on house training if not with a crate?*
Briefly tell us about the attributes you would like your puppy/adult to possess:*
Will an adult be responsible for the feeding, grooming (Goldens shed quite a bit), and training of your puppy/adult? *
To help you choose a puppy/adult who will be compatible, briefly tell us about your family's lifestyle, hobbies,and interests: *
The health of our puppies/adults is very important to us. Are you willing to continue our efforts and follow the recommendations which will be provided, concerning diet/supplementation (even if you are a vegetarian, dogs need meat), avoiding excess weight, monitoring exercise, spay/neuter ages, as per the current research specific to Golden Retrievers, and minimal vaccination (as per Jean Dodds, DVM protocol)?*

Visit the links below for more information about Dr. Jean Dodds.  Each will open in a new window so you will not lose your place in the questionnaire.

Dr. Jean Dodds' Hemopet Website

Dr. Jean Dodds' FAQ : Vaccination Issues 

Changing Vaccine Protocols

Are you prepared to care for your puppy/adult for 10+ years and willing to invest in veterinary costs in the event of health problems?*
Can your name and e-mail address be given as a puppy reference?*
Once puppy socialization visits begin, will you be able to visit us?*
Do you have a veterinary reference?*
Please list your veterinarian(s):*
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NOTE: ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD ON AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION WITH A NON-BREEDING AGREEMENT.  Limited registration means that a puppy is registered with AKC but no litters produced by this puppy are eligible for registration. This is recommended by AKC and the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) to help protect breeding programs.  Dogs with Limited Registrations can compete in various AKC events, excluding conformation. A Limited Registration can be changed by the breeder only.

RESERVATION DEPOSITS:  If you would like to purchase a puppy, are willing to give one of our puppies a forever home and treat him/her properly, with gentle, loving guidance as a treasured companion, we ask for a $200 good faith deposit from approved families once the pregnancy has been confirmed, which will be deducted from the total price of the puppy.  Deposits are 100% refundable - please see the "Reserving a Puppy" page for refund information.  Families who have reservation deposits will receive a Puppy Packet which contains various information on diet, exercise, training, vaccination, etc., and will also have access to puppy pictures, videos and development updates.  Puppies will be held only with a deposit.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire.  We will contact you confirming that we have received your completed questionnaire and answer any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to talking with you!

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