Getting Started...

I kindly ask that you ensure you are ready to commit to sharing your home with one of our puppies, for 10+ years, before proceeding.  I am glad to answer any questions you may have and welcome conversations about this major decision and commitment.

Puppies are only placed in approved homes and on AKC Limited Registration with a non-breeding agreement.

I do not expect to breed any of my girls at this time.  Please check back in future, at which time, I will update this page with detail about the process for being considered for one of my future puppies.


Visiting with us and meeting the litter is an important socialization activity in which we ask you participate.  Visits typically start at 5 weeks of age, an exciting and joyful time for everyone involved.

If there are young children in the family, a socialization visit is required. This gives us all an opportunity to observe how they interact with the puppies.  And yes, this is a major factor in approving a puppy for a family.  Understandably, we cannot make any exception where this is concerned.

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Pick Up...

I ask that you plan your pick up such that you have an adult with you to assist.  Even the shortest car ride can be a challenge with an 8 week old puppy. It is important that the puppy is comfortable and safe while traveling.  All our puppies are carefully introduced to riding in a car while being held by an adult at 7-8 weeks of age.

All puppies are thoroughly vet checked before leaving at 8-9 weeks of age.

I do not ship my puppies.

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